Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond


Your eyes cannot rest … trapped in a cycle between looking into the mirror, then across to the wheel – back and forth, looking behind and then beyond.

The composition is such that there is little to hold the eye, most of the components are incomplete, there is a size incongruity between the mirror and the wheel. The only real colour is provided by the frame of the mirror but all you can see is a distorted building and part of a car …… nothing of note, so the eye moves on. At least this is the way I see it ……. How do you see it?

Details: This shot was taken in 2012 at Southbank Parklands, Brisbane. The area was still a construction zone. The building is the new offices for the ABC, Australia’s National Broadcaster.

14 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond”

  1. Louise

    wow, great photo -really does hold me for a while. I somehow try to marry the two, but can’t reconcile them together in the same frame. intriguing.

  2. lagottocattleya

    Yes, intriguing is the word. I agree with your own description too. But, Imagine the mirror without its red colour frame…that would certainly not give you the same impression as this one does. I love it as it is now. It seems to reflect two different worlds.

    • Paul Dean

      Thank you Ann-Christine. ‘Two different worlds’ had not occurred to me, but yes, (back and forth) … a place of work and somewhere to relax. I appreciate you stopping by and your comments.

    • Paul Dean

      I’m with you Lynn, anything that makes me laugh brightens my day. Thank you for your comment, I’m happy you enjoyed the image.

  3. neastreetartist

    Nice shot. I know South Bank well, it was a favorite destination for work. I was employed by the Cerebral Palsy League of Queensland at the time, now I’m a Disability support Officer for the ACT Government.

    • Paul Dean

      You are quite right about South Bank it has become a real magnet for visitors. I’m glad you like the shot and thanks for stopping by.

  4. fgassette

    Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

  5. archipelagojewelry

    You are right. The eyes can’t rest at one spot. Interesting perspective.


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