Weekly Photo Challenge

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, WordPress invites you to get involved in a Weekly Photo Challenge to help you meet your blogging goals.  Everyone is welcome to participate, even if your blog isn’t about photography.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture – ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day (25 April each year) is a national public holiday and is considered by many Australians to be…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Up

Up on the cliffs, lighting up the way is Cape Byron Lighthouse. A two hour drive south of Brisbane, Cape Byron is the easternmost point on the Australian mainland. A well known stopping off point for tourists including backpackers traveling along the Australian coast the lighthouse attracts more than 500,000 visitors each year.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Colours

Over the past couple of days Brisbane has hosted the Rainbow Warrior.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

After a very early start and a long drive we find ourselves standing in a field, cold and damp from the morning dew waiting for the sunrise to bring some warmth .... and lift off.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

The Elusive Trifecta


Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

As jets don't fly in reverse, and on the ground they have to be pushed backwards by a small truck, I thought these images fitted the bill for this weeks challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

Under the circumstances this is possibly as close to a kiss as you are going to get without touching.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

There are plenty of unique buildings around the world and most of them look to be sturdy structures that…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

A second offering for this weeks challenge and something a little more main stream.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Love it, or Loathe it. I recall thinking ‘that’s a contradiction’ – the word…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Your eyes cannot rest … trapped in a cycle between looking into the mirror, then across to the…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

As spring becomes summer, those plans we had for the garden are either realised or not.


Scenic Rim – Queensland

As a sequel to  my pervious post (Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration) here are a couple of extra…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Well done guys, those windows shine!


Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration

In Pursuit of the Image We are at Boonah, a small town about 100 kilometres south west of Brisbane…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

  When I think of green I’m reminded of the trees, the ferns and the mosses of the National…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Renewal

Cleansed and naked these figures wait ….. These are just two of the seven statues on Massena…

WFC Geometry

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

This challenge is about the shapes and rhythms that make up the geometry of our world.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Foreign …… something strange and unfamiliar. Foreign …… alien in character.…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Stepping together …….. or is it the boots?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Question:  What is bigger, the London Eye, or a Politician’s Ego? I captured this image during…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

Waiting for me at the back door are my old, faithful Rockports, now relegated to gardening and other…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary, take 2

Sometimes you can be in a room full of people and still be on your own.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life (Garbage)

There's a certain incongruity here. Lady garbage collectors, pretty lady garbage collectors on the streets of Rome, cleaning up after the tourists.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

Man and Government - Outside the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Rome


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life, take 2

In search of that caffeine.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life

Wish. Wish my bus was here. Wish I didn’t have to go to work. Gee I  need my caffeine fix.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Near & Far

Gateway Bridges Now known as the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges they form one of the Brisbane’s major…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

It was not my intention to use images from my archive so from a personal point of view I am…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban (Eternity)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban (Eternity)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Renting rooms, buying and selling secondhand cars, clothes, computers and what have you is a regular…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Being free to roam like the clouds is not something we individuals get to enjoy very often, if at…

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