IMG_0290Dusty old cardboard boxes each about the size of a shoe box and weighing a ton. Looking through the glass plates they contained I could make out images of people as well as buildings and all sorts of things.

As a young lad I remember this treasure trove stored in a cupboard at my grandmothers home.  How they came to be there and what happened to them I don’t recall but as young lad I was fascinated and so started my interest in photography.

Fast forward fifty plus years and here we are in the digital age.

Much has changed, so much so that photographic images now bombard our lives.  My interest though is not with the short term message (get the shot, bang it on Facebook …..Look, I’m at Starbucks..) but something more, something that Fay Godwin eluded to when she said “I like photographs which leave something to the imagination”.

Most of the images that bombard us daily don’t get a second glance but occasionally one stands out and demands our attention …Hey look at me I’v got something to say ….

New image or old image, ones we have seen before, it doesn’t matter, for a moment in time we connect; our feelings align with that tiny fraction of something that caught our attention.

I guess we all have those moments and it’s that aspect of photography that has interested me from the moment I started looking at those glass plate negatives so many years ago.

Originally from England, Brisbane, Australia has been my hometown for nearly 25 years.  I enjoy the warmer climate and the less formal lifestyle.

Photography is my hobby and Ambling Around Brisbane is my take on this city, its history and lifestyle. And my hope is that you will see something of Brisbane that makes you feel you are welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  I hope you connect with the images and find them worth a second glance.



26 Responses to “About”

    • Paul Dean

      Hi Colleen,

      Congratulations on receiving the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It is well deserved. ‘Jersey Joshii’ is a wonderful site full of interesting insights into the life of a westerner in Japan.

      It certainly pleases me whenever someone says they like what I’m doing and I’m delighted that you have now nominated Ambling Around Brisbane for this award.

      I hope you don’t think I’m ungrateful but I have to say that it has been my practice to decline awards for a variety of reasons.

      I look forward to following your adventures during your remaining time in Japan and beyond.

      Best wishes.

    • Paul Dean

      Hi Mary.

      Congratulations on your recent awards. It’s easy to see that ‘Brissiemaz’ is a labour of love and you deserve to be applauded for presenting it so professionally.
      It is also very kind of you to nominate Ambling Around Brisbane and I appreciate it very much.
      I must say though that I have been holding off accepting any blogging awards, so if I may I’ll take you up on your ‘no time frame’ offer and hold this over for a later date.

      Congratulations once again and many thanks, Paul

  1. missyjeanjohnson

    I really appreciate how you walk us through your experience with photography. It sure is an art form, and it is so accessible now with digital as you mention. You painted the picture of glass plate perfectly with your words here.

    I look forward to seeing what you have to share from your lovely city.

  2. Nature on the Edge

    Wonderful comments…. i’m very much a fan of Fay Godwin’s work, first discovered through the book “Islands” – John Fowles. Her wonderful brooding black and white photos portray a landscape with a deep sense of place. Shall enjoy looking at your world through your lens……

  3. Lee

    I’m enjoying seeing your posts about Brisbane, because I am also an import from elsewhere who has made my home here. I too was going to nominate you for a favourite blog “award” – but I’ve seen your comments above. Too late, you’re already on my list in the post…so I hope if nothing else you get a bit more traffic out of it! Keep up the great posts!

    • Paul Dean

      Thank you for your kind comments Rick, they are really appreciated. I must say I have been enjoying your work at The Great American Landscape also.

  4. rickbraveheart

    Those compliments on your excellent photography are well deserved Paul. You have a great eye, delightful composition, a respectful approach to your subject and a unique edge treatment that pulls my eyes in to each image and holds them there. Well done my friend and I find myself always looking forward to your latest images.

  5. Beauty Along the Road

    Really like the way you set up your blog – the slideshow on your home page with links to articles. Is this a paid option with Foundry? I am still looking for the perfect theme and way of integrating photos and text into my own blog. Pleased and amazed by the multicultural images of Brisbane – missing that a bit here in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.

    • Paul Dean

      I’m glad you like the multicultural aspect of the images, one of my goals is to reflect the society that Brisbane is today.

      After trying a few themes I elected to upgrade to a Premium package. I’m happy with the way it presents and I’m glad you like it too. Thank you Annette for stopping by and for your comments.

  6. Hanne T. Fisker

    Paul, reading your words makes me honored that you’ve chosen to follow my images in whatever form they show up (mostly through photographs) Thank you!


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