Brisbane’s Heritage



The Christ Church Milton Memorial Garden is a reminder of the large Paddington cemetery which, until…


The World’s Longest Party – Remembered

For six months in 1988 Brisbane entertained the world at what locals labelled the ‘worlds longest…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture – ANZAC Day

ANZAC Day (25 April each year) is a national public holiday and is considered by many Australians to be…


MacArthur Museum

Headquarters, Comander-in-Chief of Allied Forces in the South West Pacific. General Douglas MacArthur.


Telegraph Newspaper Co Ltd

Long before Rupert Murdoch, Conrad Black and Robert Maxwell built their enormous publishing empires…


Bandstand – New Farm Park

The land at New Farm Park was originally cultivated to supply the convict settlement on the Brisbane…


Old Windmill

Queensland's oldest surviving European structure and one of only two convict built buildings still…


Brisbane Customs House

Built between 1886 and 1889 by John Petrie & Son, to a design prepared by Charles McLay of the…


Queensland Country Life – Facade

Oh, how the character and style of buildings have changed! This facade is all that remains of a…


A Moment in the Sun

Many of Brisbane’s old buildings are dwarfed by their neighbours.  Occasionally when the sun…


Queen’s Land

This statue of Queen Victoria stands in Queens Park, Brisbane, the building behind her is the Treasury…

2 Responses to “Heritage”

  1. trishworth

    I’ve just been through your heritage shots and stories and enjoyed them, particularly the Queen’s Land story. I’m also a piece of Brisbane heritage. You took me back to a quieter time when other cities, like Sydney, said that Brisbane was a big country town. I liked it like that, but it got too big for me and I moved. Thanks for all the work on your blog!

    • Paul Dean

      Hi Trish. I can remember arriving in Sydney from London in 1970 and thinking how much slower the pace of life was. And when we moved up to Brisbane in ’87 it was the same, life was less hurried. You are quite right the ‘big country town’ atmosphere has gone. It’s all about high rises and bitumen now. I’m glad you like the Heritage shots and the blog and I appreciate your comments, thank you.


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