Ekka….. the annual agricultural show of Queensland. Formally known as the Royal Queensland Show, held at the Brisbane Exhibition Ground.

I’m on the bus heading home from the Ekka.
Aching feet, head spinning and a full tummy, exhausted after a day at the Ekka …… and I didn’t even get to go on a ride.

I paid my money at the gate and off I went with thousands of others from one pavilion to the next. No pushing or shoving ….. everybody is here for a good time.

So many exhibits to see, farm animals and produce of all types,cats, dogs and other household pets as well as handicrafts of the highest quality.

The show-grounds are crammed with the best of just about everything you can think of. As if that were not enough there is also entertainment, lots of rides in sideshow ally and the most important thing of all – if you are a youngster, the show bags.

With so much to see and do its not surprising they expect some 400,000 visitors to see the show this year.

I’ve done my bit, come face to face with some interesting poultry and meaty bovine. Admired the skills of the cake decorators, painters and sculptures, dogged the Dagwood dog and waffles but succumbed to the delights of the strawberry sundae and toured sideshow alley.

Exhausted but what a brilliant day.

One Response to “Showtime”

  1. midlifetraveller

    So many memories come flooding back looking at these photos. Growing up in Brisbane, the Ekka was a yearly event for me, first with my parents and then in my teenage years with my friends, boy, we had some wild times then! Thanks for the memories.


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