The World’s Longest Party – Remembered

For six months in 1988 Brisbane entertained the world at what locals labelled the ‘worlds longest party’, World Expo 88.

Nearly sixteen million visitors turned up to enjoy the spectacle, at what was the biggest event in Australia’s bicentennial celebrations.

Twenty-five years on the event is still fondly remembered.  Partly for the success it achieved in promoting Australia and Brisbane to the world but also for the fun and entertainment it provided to all those who made it through the turnstiles.

Expo Oz

Expo Oz

Many would remember receiving a hug from the giant platypus named Expo Oz – the mascot for the event.  Plenty of souvenir merchandise and promotional materials featured this fellow with the slouch hat (as worn by Australian soldiers) and a green and gold safari suit,  Australia’s national sporting colours.

Luckily, many of the exposition’s sculptures and buildings have been retained and are still on display around the city for all to enjoy.

In 1988 all we knew was to loaded film into our cameras, so I’m guessing that there are millions of faded images stored in albums around the world.  To reflect this I have added a vintage look to the images in this gallery in an effort to add to the nostalgia.

4 Responses to “The World’s Longest Party – Remembered”

  1. Tina Schell

    I still remember vividly when I went to the NY World’s Fair. I was about 10 years old and went w my grandmother. I was fascinated and its a really fond memory. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Paul Dean

      Thank you Tina. Memories are what it’s all about. It was a unique experience and I know many families visited the show over and over again it was that good.

    • Paul Dean

      Thank you Ann Christine. A massive amount of work went into it and the legacy we have today is our South Bank Parklands. There is always something going on there and at weekends it’s packed with families having picnics and enjoying the facilities.


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