Byron Lighthouse

Up on the cliffs, lighting up the way is Cape Byron Lighthouse.

A two hour drive south of Brisbane, Cape Byron is the easternmost point on the Australian mainland. A well known stopping off point for tourists including backpackers traveling along the Australian coast, the lighthouse attracts more than 500,000 visitors each year.

26 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Up”

    • Paul Dean

      Hi Tina,
      It was one of those mornings when the sunrise didn’t quite live up to expectations ….. but the clouds substituted and helped make the shot.

  1. mrscarmichael

    I love that photo and have always wanted to go there. Also interested in your thoughts on your ‘theme’ Portfolio. I have been considering it for a while.

    • Paul Dean

      I’m please you like the shot Mrs Carmichael. As far as the ‘Portfolio’ theme goes, I was looking for something different to the standard ‘blog’ format for the Home page, I wanted a clean and uncluttered layout to display my images/posts. In the end I settled for ‘Portfolio’ because it gave me what I was looking, plus the flexibility to display photos in a slider on the Home page. In short I am happy with the theme and the way the site is looking. With so many options to choose from its not easy, let me know how you go. Paul

      • mrscarmichael

        Thanks for that, Paul. I chose my initial theme with minimal angst and find myself frozen with indecision about any change. Have the Theme Foundry been helpful or are you just so clever you don’t need them?

      • Paul Dean

        I didn’t have too many posts on my site when when I went through the process of upgrading to a Premium theme. But I do recall at the time their was a fair bit of housekeeping to get everything into shape once I had made the move. As a male – and this won’t surprise you – the instructions were the last thing I looked at. I will admit also that my daughter understands the ‘dark arts’ working on the other side of the screen but again as a male I’m stubborn and I only called on her as a last resort in order to save me from adding more DIY jobs to the wife’s extensive list.
        You have probably got it by now ………… if a man can do it then….

        One thing you may notice is that my ‘Blog’ section is a parallel of the portfolio pages. I’m not sure if this is benefit but it involves no more work on my part other than ticking an extra box.

        I hope this helps. Best of luck.

  2. teresabass

    Love the color and composition of this photo! Beautiful. I also love how the photo draws your eye to the lighthouse and pulls you into the photo. Great shot!

    • Paul Dean

      I didn’t notice the separation in the clouds until I came to process the image. Fortunately it adds another dimension to the picture. Thanks Ann-Christine

  3. littledogslaughed

    What a beautiful setting-the color is amazing! I particularly love your capture of the clouds-
    Thank you too for stopping by Move the Chair-I appreciate you taking the time to look-


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