Eyeballing Melbourne

Not Crazy John but one of the ‘Three Businessman’ by Alison Weaver and Paul Quinn. Located on the corner Swanston and Bourke streets, its one of Melbourne’s better known pieces of public art.

The city of Melbourne is well known amongst other things for its coffee shops and street art.

So having fueled up on a coffee I set off to check out the art.

Marcus_4_ 920px-1120243

I found Macus at work on his latest creation.

Marcus_2_ 920px-1120274
Marcus_3_ 920px-1120327

The finished piece.

Working on an iPad with a slow internet connection has finally got to me. More images to follow once I’m back in front of the big screen.


4 Responses to “Eyeballing Melbourne”

  1. midlifetraveller

    It’s a wonderful city isn’t it Paul? Hosier Lane is one of my favourites for grafitti. Hope you get to upload heaps of pics for us to drool over!

    • Paul Dean

      Melbourne is a great city and so different from Brisbane in many ways. Unfortunately my time in the city was limited on this trip but I did manage to spend a couple of hours enjoying the street art. I have added more from Hosier Lane here. Thank you Mid-life Traveler for stopping by.

  2. freshlyworded

    Hey Paul, I seem to recall some interesting street art in Brisbane too…there’s this giant hand with a finger pointing upwards on Queen Street!

    • Paul Dean

      Hi Larry, I know the ones mean. I’ve been trying to find some images I took of them some years ago, without success. I’ll get some fresh shots in the next week of so, as they are well worth revisiting. Thanks for reminding me about them.


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