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The Elusive Trifecta

Sometimes Queenslander’s cross the Tweed and head south. Not so much Ambling Around Brisbane but rather meandering around Melbourne at present.

I’ve been in a few Hotels, Motels and Apartments over the years and living out of a suitcase is not new to me.

Gambling though is not one of my vices and I’m reminded why this is so …… by a simple trifecta.

1. A clean room. Tick
2. A comfortable bed and pillow. Tick, Tick
3. An adequate shower. Cross

Two out of three ….. this time it’s the shower.

I’ve found from experience that the odds of winning are not shortened by the price of the room and certainly not by the prestige of the establishment – six stars though is a little beyond my wallet.

I don’t want to crouch, twist and gyrate to get wet, nor bang my elbows, knees and what have you on walls, doors and fixtures, all I’m asking for is warm water that covers me when I stand beneath the shower rose and enough room to do my business.

I’m not a large man. All Right! yes I could loose a few kilos, but I wonder how my bigger brothers and sisters manage incarcerated in these torturous cubicles.

So why is it that winning the trifecta is so difficult. Is it just me or does something gets lost in the detail.

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