An occasional visitor to Brisbane the Antonov AN-124 is the world’s second largest cargo aircraft in operation.

As jets don’t fly in reverse, and on the ground they have to be pushed backwards by a small truck, I thought these images fitted the bill for this weeks challenge.

This YouTube video is really impressive if you are looking for some idea of how many flights in the world there are in a single day.

Uploaded on 30 Dec 2010
A 24-hour sequence of air traffic around the world. Notice night/day pattern changes. Remember, Earth is spherical. The airplanes up top are not speeding; they’re traveling a shorter distance. Cool, eh?

9 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward”

    • Paul Dean

      Thank you Charity, I’m glad that you connected with the image. No matter how old you are its always nice when something triggers a thought about your family.

  1. mybeautfulthings

    That’s a fabulous video! What fun to watch all that traffic and how scary to think of all the stuff gond into the atmosphere!
    I like your take on Forward. I love these photo challenges and seeing how people interpret the theme.
    All the best to you – and thank you for visiting my blog and ‘liking’ 🙂

  2. rutheh

    Thanks for the like on my blog today. I look forward to following your future posts. Enjoyed your images and the video of air traffic.

  3. Tina Schell

    Hey Paul-great shots! Here in Charleston we are home base for all of the C-17 military cargo planes. Never thought about shooting them but I will now!

    • Paul Dean

      I’m glad you like the shots Tina. These big planes are fun to shoot and I look forward to seeing some C-17 images down the track.


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