Taiko 1

The rhythm and beat of Japanese drums entertain the crowds at this years Dragon Boat Races.

There is something hypnotic about the sound, the way it pulsates through the body, it energizes you to the point you want to join in.

From the Gold Coast, this group who call themselves Kizuna performed three routines on the promenade at South Bank. Without the protection of a stage, (or any basic fencing) they not only had to contend with the heat of the day but also with people passing by on the footpath and with one or two of us pointing cameras at them. All the time they kept their composure, kept to their routine and even managed a smile for the camera.

Congratulations Kizuna that’s professionalism.

Taiko 2

There is nothing subtle about the drumsticks, known as bachi.

Taiko 3

Side playing, standing and seated, some of the techniques on display.

Taiko 4

Taiko 5

Taiko 6

Playing the atarigane, a small hand held gong.

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