Scenic Rim – Queensland

As a sequel to  my pervious post (Special Photo Challenge: Inspiration) here are a couple of extra images from the Scenic Rim – close to the New South Wales border.



The first shot was taken on the way back from Mt Lindesay. The setting sun meant our time in the air was over, we needed to get back to the airdrome whilst their was still some light.

Image number two was taken on a flight out to Cunninghams Gap. The road you see in the image is the Cunningham Highway which is used by heavy vehicles travelling up and down from Sydney and Melbourne. The Gap is notorious for accidents and even has its own helipad for emergency choppers.

The land you see is very undulating and was formed by lava flows from volcanic activity some 22 million years ago.

You can just make out Mt Lindesay in the wind shield in the third image.  And I can hear you saying, ‘what’s on the piece of paper?’.


Well, we are back where we started in my previous post – the pre-flight check list.

4 Responses to “Scenic Rim – Queensland”

    • Paul Dean

      They are very impressive Liz and at 4000 ft you really get to appreciate the vastness of it all. Thank for stopping by.


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