My draft for this challenge started like this.

Unsubscribe, how difficult can it be.
Housekeeping, I hate housekeeping.
How many email addresses do I need.
Push, Push, Push, that would be handy to know, NOT.
Why me, do I really need to know that? cc. somebody who cares.
URGENT, perhaps to you, but not to me.
What’s with the flags.

It’s like waiting for a bus, when I’m in a hurry for a response it takes forever.
Follow up, Follow up.
I know I have the answer, where did I file it?

Perhaps this says more about me than the wonderful email system that connects us throughout the day….. and night.

It’s the DELETE button, that’s my problem. I never use it sparingly, it’s all or nothing, and only when my mail box is full.

Two things come to mind,
1. Am I the only one with this ailment? and
2. What happens after I post this via email as suggested. What happens into the future when the day comes and I clean out my emails, will it all disappear leaving a empty hole in my blog where this post is?